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Below are comments from people just like you who have experienced the extraordinary flavor of Babineaux Creole Cajun Seasoning.  It's not too salty, not too hot (spicy), and it has an amazing aftertaste.  "All you add is your taste buds."

“This seasoning blend is so good my daughter eats it on ice.”  (We may have a new food phenomenon called “Hot Ice.”)
Cathy of Lafayette, Louisiana


“I used Babineaux Creole Cajun Seasoning in my Gumbo and in a Smothered Dish at a Festival contest in Louisiana and won first place in both categories.”  That seasoning blend is some powerfully good stuff.”
Brenda of Broussard, Louisiana


“After using Babineaux brand seasoning blend only once in the preparation of our daily meal, I threw all the other seasonings out of my house.  I won’t need to use anything else.”  
Kevin of Opelousas, Louisiana


“This stuff is great on everything.”
Pat of Cecilia, Louisiana


“The flavor is extraordinary and the after taste is even better.”
Antonio of Grand Prairie, Texas


“We grilled steak with this seasoning blend one evening.  It turned out to be the best steaks we have ever eaten.”
John of Dallas, Texas


I used Babineaux seasoning to stuff and season my turkey for our Thanksgiving Day meal.  Our turkey was delicious.  My family can’t stop bragging about it.” 
Sharon of Durham, North Carolina


“What do you guys put in this stuff?  I can’t stop eating it on everything.  It makes all of the food I eat taste much better.”
Jim of Richmond, California


“You guys have got yourselves a winner.  This stuff taste great.  I can eat it all day right out of the bottle.”
Mike of Lafayette, Louisiana


“I’m addicted to your seasoning.  It’s like a drug to me. I’ve got to have it on all of my food.  What do you guys have in this stuff that makes me crave it every single day?”
Ralph of Houston, Texas


“This seasoning is exceptionally good on all of my grilled foods.  My family and friends recently started calling me the best cook in the world.  Little do they know that it’s just the Babineaux seasoning.”
Russell of Jackson, Mississippi


“My customers use it on their French Fries.  They love the unique taste.”
Natalie of San Francisco, California


“I used Babineaux Seasoning on my Barbecue Ribs one day without telling anyone that I had changed my seasoning.  I received overwhelming praise from my whole family, especially the kids.  Everyone asked me, “What Did You Put on Those Ribs?”  I will keep this as our little secret for a few months.  I’ll continue to use your product.  It’s Great!”  
Ralph of Montgomery, Alabama


“My plate lunch sales have quadrupled since I started using your seasoning blend.  Our food never tasted better.  Thank you for introducing it to me.”
Kevin of New Orleans, Louisiana

"After over 20 years in the restaurant business blending our own seasoning, we changed to your blend over 3 years ago and it has worked out wonderfully.  Our customers noticed the improvement in our already fantastic tasting foods.  We use Babineaux Seasoning not only at the restaurants, but also at home and everywhere we go.  This stuff really does make food taste better.  I even have your spice jars on each table in my three restaurants.  Thanks guys for introducing me to your fantastic product."  
Richard of Lafayette, Louisiana

"I've developed that special taste in my restaurant that's centered around using basically just your Babineaux Creole Cajun Seasoning blend.  People say I've got that Mooney taste.  Everyone loves our food and its mostly because of your product.  I'm 100% with y'all all the way!  Keep up the good work."
Mooney of Lafayette, Louisiana

"I opened my restaurant and knew that I had to use Babineaux Seasoning.  My cooks told me that's what they use at home and that's the blend they wanted to use at the restaurant.  I now understand why.  I sell a lot of hamburgers.  Sometimes I cook the hamburgers and people love 'em.  What's funny is, I can't even cook that good.  It's got to be the Babineaux Seasoning.  Keep it coming fellows.  Thanks for working with me to build my small business."
Dudley of Lafayette, Louisiana

"We are natives of New Iberia and Opelousas, LA and live in Northern Virginia.  When we season the majority of our food, we reach for the Babineaux seasoning.  I am on the last bottle so I am ordering another case online to continue our Creole cooking traditions away from home."
Charles of Northern Virginia

"Tastes so good it"ll make ya wanna dance!"
Ronald of Lafayette, Louisiana

"We received our order.  We cannot wait to enjoy the seasoning on all of our meals!  We tried other seasoning and your Creole Cajun Seasoning is the best blend ever!"
Willie & Jane of Port Arthur, Texas

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